About Us

The All Ports Open Network is a website and series of podcasts dedicated to coming together over the joy of playing games. While we are founded by a group of people who identify as Christian, we are open and welcoming to all voices, all perspectives, and all methods of engagement.

Joshua Wise

Founder/Executive Producer/Webmaster

Joshua is the author of the Book No Avatars Allowed: Theological Reflections on Video Games, editor of the book Past the Sky's Rim: The Elder Scrolls and Theology. He writes and produces the horror series Weeping Cedars and previously he wrote and produced The Adventures of Lord Dinby Whitherspoon, Duke of Space. He is one of the hosts of No Avatars Allowed and the PDP-10 podcast, and you can catch him on APON Plays as well.

Father Ben Wallis

Founder/Executive Producer

The Reverend Ben Wallis is an Episcopal Priest, father to 3 children, and a world reknowned rock piccolo player. He, along with his wife, Mel, is the host of Pod of Love. You can also find him on No Avatars Allowed, Refugees of Esmerelda, and the PDP-10 podcast.

Melissa Wallis

Senior Podcast Editor

Mel is a Christan, vegan mom, wife and podcastess. She enjoys coffee, gaming, family time, and her job as a school principal.

Chris Szumski

Senior Podcast Editor

Christopher Szumski is an amateur podcaster, gamer and "comedian." You can currently hear him on Refugees of Esmerelda, the upcoming APON Plays Podcast and anything else he can con the guys in letting him on.

Rachel Dalton

Senior Podcast Editor

Originally from Michigan, Rachel now calls Philly home. She is a full time editor, and part time actress, singer, writer, and now podcaster! In the rare moments she’s not tied up with any of the aformentioned, she can be found reading, watching Buffy, casually pursuing self-actualization, or engaging in political and philosophical discussions with her amazing tribe.

Meghan Martin

Podcast Editor

Meghan Martin is a West Virginian country mouse turned city girl, moving to New York City in 2015 to pursue a career in the fast paced world of the arts. She now works as an actress, producer, model, and birthday clown (yes clown), recently adding podcaster to the list! When she's not working these jobs, you can catch her reading comics, binging netflix and various other streaming networks, gaming and table topping, and scaring herself via her true crime obsession.

Jackie Lorenz

Game Reviewer

Jackie is a Midwestern native, an LA girl at heart, and a current Clevelander. As a stay-at-home mom with three kids, she’s also a mean chef, a magical healer, and terrifying to the monster under the bed. Personally though, she really just likes comfy blankets, good books, coffee, and computer games.

Paul Hawkins

Affiliate Podcaster